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  • Boise River

    Fort Belknap backs state in bad actor case over Zortman-Landsky pollution

    September 15, 2018

    Since 1999, $77 million has been poured into healing this injured landscape at the Zortman-Landusky mine sites, almost $50 million coming in public money.

    A great, in depth look into the long term impacts of irresponsible mining.

  • 2017 SEP 06: Members of the West Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited survey the work they've helped to facilitate on the Clear Creek in Jefferson County, Colorado.

    Rally for the Rivers!

    August 22, 2018

    Plans are set! We will meet at 1pm and launch at 2pm on Saturday, August 25th. Launch sites will be:
    1. Sha-Ron FAS on the Clark Fork
    2. Meet at Sweetwater Fly Shop and launch from Carters Bridge on the Yellowstone
    3. Wolf Creek Bridge FAS on the Missouri.

    Bring your boat, tube, SUP, kayak, canoe, arm floaties or whatever else you can float on and show Montanan’s support I-186!

  • Boise River

    Norris evacuated, highway closed after volatile chemicals found

    July 23, 2018

    Dangerous mining chemicals abandoned at a lab in Norris shut down two major highways and caused the evacuation of the entire town. Thankfully, no one was injured. Thanks to the first responders and the EPA now dealing with the contamination.

    Montana Standard reports

  • mine cartoon

    Tally shows special session to be a ‘slim shot’

    July 13, 2018

    A July 16 special session seems unlikely according to figures posted Monday by the secretary of state’s office, showing 19 Republicans reject the proposal so far, cutting into the majority needed to hold such a meeting. Several republican legislators attempted to call a special session to interfere with two citizen ballot initiatives, I-185 and I-186, they don’t agree with. It would be a complete waste of taxpayer money and the definition of government overreach.

    Supporters of the initiatives say lawmakers should let the voters decide and accused lawmakers of bowing to special interest groups.

    The Great Falls tribune reports


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