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Thank you for visiting Smith River Watch. This website is dedicated to keeping people informed and providing information on the Smith River in Montana and the copper mine, proposed by Tintina Resources of Canada, that threatens it.

Tintina has waged a robust public relations campaign aimed at convincing local communities that it cares about them. However, details on how the company will follow through and guarantee its twin promises to bring economic prosperity to the region while safeguarding the environment have been general and predictable.

Montanans have heard these same promises from mining companies for decades. The promises are often unfulfilled after permits are issued and even later when the companies are long gone but the scars remain.

Montanans have long been stuck cleaning up the messes mining companies leave behind. And though Montana is not an anti-mine state, it’s clear that more of the same empty promises from the boom-and-bust industries of yesterday are unnecessary for providing a growing economy increasingly based on sustainable businesses whose backers invest here because of our high quality of life. That quality depends on clean water and air, abundant fish and wildlife, and unlimited recreational opportunities — as well as iconic rivers such as the Smith that so far have escaped the scourge of boom-and-bust mining that plagues so many other streams in the state.

Below, you will find the contact information to the Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, and the Department of Environmental Quality, along with a prewritten message you can send directly to them. This message makes it clear why the Smith River is so important and why it needs to be protected. All you need to do is put in your name and hit send it’s that easy.

Thank you for your interest in and concern for the Smith River, please continue to check back for updates and information.