Montana Trout Unlimited

Who We Are

Montana Trout Unlimited conserves, protects and restores Montana’s coldwater fisheries and their MTU logo-19 KBwatersheds. Our work includes:

  • Advocating for clean water, robust stream flows, healthy habitat, and naturally functioning watersheds and floodplains;
  • Promoting fishery management that preserves and improves populations of wild fish, with a priority on native species, such as cutthroat trout, bull trout and grayling;
  • Working with agencies and landowners to conduct projects across the state that restore water quality, streamflows, healthy riparian habitats and natural stream function;
  • Defending the rights of anglers to access Montana’s streams and rivers for fishing and other recreational purposes; and
  • Educating the public about the importance of clean water and healthy wild fisheries.

Protection and improvement of the Smith River watershed, its fisheries and its recreational attractiveness has long been a top priority of Montana Trout Unlimited.

This website is dedicated to keeping people informed and providing information on the Smith River in Montana and the copper mine, proposed by Tintina Resources of Canada, that threatens it.

Montana Trout Unlimited and Trout Unlimited National, along with other conservation groups, businesses, outfitters, landowners and politicians are demanding no risk to the Smith River. No risk means proving beyond a reasonable doubt there will be zero harm to the sustainable recreational benefits the Smith already provides.

  • No risk means the river’s fishery, as well as what it contributes to one of the nation’s most famous angling destinations, the connected Missouri River, remains healthy and even improves.
  • No risk means proving Sheep Creek will remain a critical spawning tributary not harmed by pollutants or mine-related dewatering.
  • No risk means our children’s children will be able swim in local streams and not have to worry about acid mine drainage or other pollutants that miners have left behind in many other Montana rivers and streams.

Founded in 1964, Montana Trout Unlimited is the only statewide grassroots organization dedicated solely to conserving and restoring coldwater fisheries. Montana Trout Unlimited is comprised of 13 TU chapters representing approximately 3,900 Trout Unlimited members.  Trout Unlimited represent 150,000 members across the United States.

Montana Trout Unlimited is governed by volunteer directors from each of the state’s local TU chapters. It is financially independent of TU National. Contributions to Montana Trout Unlimited are tax-deductible and support conservation, protection and restoration efforts in Montana. Our home website is

Photo by Matt Mendelsohn

Photo by Matt Mendelsohn